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Hey guys--this is Logan from Waggoner True Value Home Center. Our team is so excited about our recent Paint Department remodel that we decided to throw a BOGO (Buy One Get One) FREE paint sale. The sale will run July 25 - August 5th.  
Our brand new "Paint Bar" has over 1,100 colors, a create and educate station, and an interactive lighting fixture which allows you to view your color choices under different types of lighting--because we all know that colors look totally different based in what type of lighting is being used in their environment!
This new Paint Bar is more than just a place for us to mix your paint. It's a place that we as a community can enjoy and be proud to have. We want you to feel inspired, creative, and empowered. You're about to change something in your home--and to us, that's a big deal. We want you to have everything you need. It kills our hearts when we hear we didn't have something you needed for your projects. This Paint Bar is our way to show you, OUR CUSTOMERS, that we care. We want YOU to have nice things. We want YOU to feel like you don't have to drive to a big box store to have that "out of town experience." And if we didn't have what you were looking for, let us know. We will absolutely do our best to get for you as soon as possible. 
So, with that said, come check out our new Paint Bar and get inspired! (And try to get in on this AWESOME BOGO!) We even have an iPad for you to search ideas, top trends, and project lists for your next DIY adventure. We can't wait to see you! 

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