A home receives a lot of foot traffic throughout a day. Soccer stars tracking in the dirt from the field on their cleats; a baby who just learned how to crawl; and even a family’s cat all move about on floors. But when you’re looking for something that will endure all those feet and still has a polished look to it, it may be difficult to find a flooring that can bring an enchanting feel to your home. Luxury Vinyl Click is the contemporary hardwood design you’re looking for. This isn’t your mom’s vinyl flooring. 

Included in an ever-expanding category of flooring, Luxury Vinyl Click is the pinnacle of modern flooring with immeasurable convenience in installation and use. There are many benefits of the enduring Luxury Vinyl Click including, it stands up to accidental spills and messes from pets better than hardwood; it’s durable and resistant to dents; and it’s waterproof! What more could you ask for in flooring?


We are a Timeless Designs Flooring dealer. To view assortment colors available by special order, click this link: https://www.timelessdesignsflooring.com/tab/luxury-vinyl-click-everlasting-xl-collection

Our Stock Color is Cappuccino Oak in the Luxury Vinyl Click (Rigid Core)

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